If you've been looking for something different in Christian fiction then have I got a deal for you. How does free sound? There are absolutley no strings attached. Simply right click on the link below and you'll be able to download the eBook version of my novel Boomerang. The file is in .pdf format which is readable on almost all computers. After right clicking on the link, simply save the the file to your Desktop. I pray that you will enjoy the book and that it will be a blessing to you.     - Tom DiFrancesca III

Book One of The Clovis Chronicles Series

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Story Synopisis

     As time unravels and the end of days is quickly nearing, mysterious unexplained events are occurring all around the world. Clovis, a small city located in eastern New Mexico is no exception. UFO sightings, a mysterious compound under construction just outside of town, and the pending yet unexpected arrival of thousands of strangers are only some of the eerie events unfolding.
    This first book of a series invites you to witness divine destiny being fulfilled in the lives of two childhood sweethearts. After having been separated from each other and from God for a span of almost fifty years, they are supernaturally reunited in order to lead a battle against an evil conspiracy that was birthed just prior to World War II.
    Experience glimpses into the hero's and heroine's pasts which include flying saucers, cowboys, angels, demons, and believe or not, some famous 1950's rock and roll icons.
    Also added into the mix are very large portions of action, adventure, and suspense. If you love reading stories with historical references in them, then this is the book for you!

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I'm currently writing the second book of this series. You can learn more about Project Indigo by clicking here.